EBS Tube Preamp
Darkglass Compressor
Darkglass Vintage Ultra
Line 6 Senderanlage
EBS Chorus
EBS Oktaver
EBS Reverb
Korg Tuner
Fender Elite 5 String Jazz Bass
NS Design 5 String
Squire Modified 5 String Jazz Bass
Fender Jazz Bass BJ 1970
Fender Artist Series Flea ‘60 Jazz Bass
Rockinger Fretless Bass
Steinberger NS 5 5 String Bass
NS Design Elektischer Kontrabass
und viele mehr ....
Amps / Effects
Eden Cabinets
Diverse Amps
In Ear Monitoring
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               Pro Bassplayer from Berlin (Germany)
Slap Style Demo
Disco Style Demo
NU Soul Style Demo
Crossover RHCP Style Demo
Jazz Style Demo
Motown Style Demo
Reggae Style Demo
Rock Style Demo
talking about....
My ‘70 Fender Jazz Bass
Fender Flea Jazz Bass
NS Design CR-5 Bass
Rockinger Fretless Bass
My Upright Bass
Blues Style Demo
playing Mozart on the NS-CR 5
...hear me playing differend Styles on Youtube
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